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Pomar Water equipments are built to meet the most demanding specifications and requirements on the market, guaranteeing maximum reliability with minimum maintenance.

We develop tailor-made solutions in the treatment of water for human consumption as well as for the production process of offshore vessels. Our systems are tailored to the client's needs: special materials, ATEX specifications, containerized units, outdoor equipment, etc.



The production of drinking water in offshore installations is necessary to guarantee the quality of its occupants life. Pomar Water manufactures reverse osmosis equipment that meets the highest quality requirements for the production of drinking water in this type of facility.

Our range of equipment for offshore installations also includes osmosis equipment that produces water for the crude oil desalination process.

We design and manufacture our systems according to the needs of our clients, complying with all the necessary requirements in terms of components, special materials or classified areas for installation on deck.

Water productions from 1 to 5,000 m3 / day

Reverse Osmosis


Designed with higher energy efficiency, they produce technical water with a salinity of less than 4ppm for use in offshore platforms and installations.

The water produced in our evaporators can be made drinkable by passing through a mineralizing filter and a disinfection system that will make the water valid for human consumption.

Our evaporators can use, as thermal energy for distilled water production, any source of residual heat such as hot water, steam or thermal oil.

The materials used in the construction of our equipment are highly resistant to corrosion by sea water: cupronickel, naval bronze and duplex and superduplex steels.



Our equipment for control and treatment of drinking water in offshore installations guarantee the quality of drinking water throughout the installation. We have mineralizing filters, multimedia filters, activated carbon filters, fine filtration, dosing systems and sterilization systems that guarantee that the water meets the highest quality standards.

Pomar Water also has systems for the comprehensive control of the quality of drinking water on ships, complying with the recommendations and guidelines of the USPH and NIPH.

Potabilization and Quality Control


We manufacture hydrophore systems equipment for drinking water, technical and fire fighting systems as well as domestic or process water heaters.

Our hydrophore systems can include a storage tank made of stainless steel, with or without a membrane, and / or variable frequency drives (VFD) to control the flow and pressure of the system's pumps.

The water heaters are made of AISI-316L stainless steel or duplex steel. The equipment can be supplied individually or in a common module integrated by several equipments, depending on the customer's requirements. The heaters can be supplied with electric resistances, hot water exchanger, steam or mixed systems.

Potable Water Heaters Systems
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