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Water is a fundamental element in most industrial processes, demanding large quantities of high quality water: boiler feed, refrigeration, etc.
Our equipments are specific for the treatment and supply of different types of technical water, improving the energy efficiency of the facilities.
Pomar Water also has different equipment and solutions for the treatment of contaminated water using evaporation processes.

Reverse Osmosis


At Pomar Water we develop and manufacture reverse osmosis equipment for technical and process water production for industry.

Our technical team designs the system based on the needs and quality of water required by our customers.

Productions of 1 to 5,000 m3 / day of technical and process water from seawater or brackish water.

Water Distillers


For high quality technical water production for industrial processes. Through a thermal process, our equipment produce high purity distillate from high salinity waters.

The distilled water productions in our systems range from 1 to 150 m3 per day.

We also have available multi-effect equipment and equipment made with special materials.

Waste Concentrators


To respect the environment and maintain the sustainability of industries is necessary to have a good waste management.

At Pomar Water we design and manufacture aqueous waste concentrators for contaminated waters that help reduce waste volumes as a step prior to zero liquid discharge (ZLD).

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