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Our extensive experience in this sector makes us aware of your needs. Naval sector is one of our main markets.

We offer a wide range of products for the production and treatment of water on board any type of merchant or fishing vessel.

Pomar Water equipment can be delivered with any classification society Certificate since they are designed and manufactured in accordance with international regulations.

Reverse Osmosis


The production of water in ships and marine facilities is essential to guarantee their autonomy and life quality. We manufacture reverse osmosis equipments for the production of potable or technical waters from seawater.
Pomar Water has an extensive range of standard equipment as well as tailored solutions depending on the needs and requirements of our clients.

The productions of our equipment range from 1 to 5,000 m3 / day



Taking advantage of a residual heat source in the ship (hot water, steam or thermal oil) and through the evaporation system we produce fresh water from the distillation of seawater.
Our evaporators produce high quality water and can be used as technical water or as potable water through post-treatment.

The productions of our equipment range from 1 to 200 m3 / day in single or multi-effect.

Drinking Water Treatment


We have the widest range of treatment and control of drinking water on board ships, guaranteeing optimum water quality throughout the facility. Our systems include: mineralizing filters, multimedia filters, activated carbon filters, fine filtration, dosing systems, sterilization lamps, etc.

Pomar Water also supplies systems for comprehensive quality control of drinking water on ships in compliance with USPH and NIPH regulations.


Our hydrophore systems can include a storage tank, with or without a membrane, and / or VDF to control the flow and pressure of the system pumps.

The sanitary heaters can be supplied with electric resistances, hot water exchanger, steam or mixed systems.

Although we have an extensive range of standard products, we also design customized solutions for our clients.

Distribution System
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