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In this time of great progress, access to clean and quality water has become a priority in our lives. Access to safe drinking water will save large investments in the sanitary treatment of the population.

Pomar Water equipment produces potable water from seawater, brackish water or surface water. The quality of the water complies with the WHO recommendations as well as the standards required by the laws of each country.

Surface Water Treatment


Pomar Water designs and manufactures equipment for the purification of surface waters using Ultrafiltration membranes.

Our systems treat up to 10,000 m3 / day of water, guaranteeing a quality that complies with WHO and local government standards.

Brackish Water Treatment


Through the reverse osmosis system we produce water for human consumption from brackish water from wells with productions of up to 5,000 m3 / day.

We have equipment powered by alternative energies for those places where electric current is not available.

Water Desalination


Pomar Water manufactures seawater desalination systems using reverse osmosis with productions ranging from 1 m3 / day to 5,000 m3 / day. Our systems supply drinking water to small towns, hotels and islands where water is a scarce but necessary good.

We have equipment with energy recovery systems to produce drinking water with the lowest possible energy consumption. Our plants can produce water with a specific consumption of less than 2 kWh per cubic meter of produced water.


Portable Devices

Pomar Water supplies mobile emergency units and humanitarian aid for the water purification and treatment in ISO containers of 10, 20 and 40 feet, which facilitates a quick and economic installation of the equipment.

Our equipments are designed for the treatment and purification of surface water, brackish water and sea water with productions from 10 to 1500 m3 / day.

The systems include all the components necessary for its correct operation, and may include as an option the supply of autonomous electrical energy through a generator or alternative energies.

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